How Home Automation Can Help You This Spring

The spring season is a time of renewed purpose, whether it’s revisiting the resolutions we’ve fallen behind on or venturing outside the house more. Whatever your busy spring lifestyle looks like, home automation can enhance it by making your home more connected on a manageable budget. Here are some things home automation can do to help you this spring. 

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Riding the Amazon Wave with Better Home Security

There are more than 147 million Amazon Prime subscribers in the U.S. For most of us, the convenience of free, next-day shipping on the products we want and need just can’t be beat. Whether you became an Amazon fan before the pandemic or during the most restrictive part of it, rest assured that your favorite means of delivery is here to stay. 

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Help for Your New Year’s Security Resolutions

It’s not too late to get started on your New Year’s resolutions — and, if those resolutions include making your home more secure or lowering your utility bills, we have offers that can help. Here’s what you may be interested in as you make your new year’s security resolutions. 

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Security Help for the Holidays

Criminals see the holidays as a massive season of opportunity, with more distracted business owners, more valuable inventory and more cash in the registers. Fortunately, you can help protect your business from these crimes with customized security solutions.  

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Tips to Enjoy Safe and Happy Holidays

Tips for a Safer Holiday

All of us deserve a happy holiday season every year, but 2020 calls for as much joy and peace as possible. Here are some ways you can improve the atmosphere in your home this holiday season, and some ways your home security technology can help things stay safe and serene.

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Pennsylvania Wildfire Season Continues

Wildfire season

Although this has been a year of low wildfire risk in Pennsylvania, November is the concluding month of our wildfire season; that means the risk isn’t over, especially when it comes to human-caused wildfires. According to the state fire commissioner, 99% of all wildfires in Pennsylvania are caused by human activity — and not necessarily intentional activity like arson. 

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Preparing for Pennsylvania Wildfire Season

Pennsylvania wildfire season occurs in October and November, as they are dry fall months that give way to brush and other natural spreaders of wildfire. Learn how to do your part for wildfire prevention this year. 

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How a Smart Home Helps with Your Busy Season

couple using tablet on stairs

We’re moving into the season with shorter days, earlier nights and more activity going on at home. You need technology that’s parallel to what’s going on inside your house — a system that helps you manage the return of homework, soccer practices and indoor dinners to your routine. That’s what a smart home system is, and the fall season is when smart home technology truly shines. Here are some examples of what it can do for you in the busy fall season. 

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Video Features to Boost Your Security Strategy Now

If you have a business to run, that’s where your time needs to go. With a more advanced video surveillance platform, you can instantly boost your security strategy so your energies can be devoted to the day-to-day running of your business, with the confidence that your video is monitoring incidents and capturing critical intelligence. Here are some of the features to look for in an advanced video surveillance platform. 

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Safer Summer Fun at Workplace Events

Summer Safety

Now that summer celebrations are back in full swing, you may wish to hold an employee appreciation event at the workplace. While a company picnic or party can be a fun way to thank everyone for their commitment to the organization during the relaxed summer months, it’s important to preserve employee safety during these events. Here are some ways to do it.

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