Tax Refunds, Moving and Your Home Security System

About 60 percent of Americans can expect to receive a refund this year. This is according to NerdWallet, which also reported that the average tax refund in 2019 is $2,697. For those who have big goals in mind this spring, their tax refund may be able to help. One of the most popular goals for how to use your tax refund? Moving into a new home.

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How Do Young Professionals Use Home Security?

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It may be that these millennials think securing the home with technology is just “what you do” today. It may be because they grew up with home security systems, and they’ve heard about the great technology that today’s systems have. In any case, young homeowners can expect to get these benefits from wireless home security.

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Connecting Your Smart Speaker to Home Security

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Now, your wireless home security system can integrate with your smart speaker. The result is simpler, more efficient household management in addition to better security. Here are some examples of things the integration can do.

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