How To Manage House Guests With Home Security

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Still hosting a few guests for the new year? You want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for them – but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice using your home security technology while they’re around. The good news is, you can do both. Here are some clever ways to include your house guests in your home security routine.  

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3 Things That Should Be On Your Home Security Checklist in 2019

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If you’re an organized homeowner, you may have a checklist for what you would like to accomplish at home. And if one of the things on your list is to look into new options for upgrading your home security system, you need a few pointers on what those upgrades should be. Here’s what you want to look for.

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‘Tis the Season To Upgrade Your Home Security System Affordably


Whether you’re working long hours to pay for gifts, taking off overnight to visit far-away family, or out enjoying a series of late-night parties, there are all kinds of opportunities to leave home this time of year – which, unfortunately, leaves your house vulnerable to major breaches in home security.

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Why Fake Security Cameras Won’t Work For Your Home

Maybe you have known someone in the past who was able to keep burglars at bay without an operable home security camera, but there’s no way to prove that his decoy was the reason. The truth is, seasoned burglars almost always know better. And, here’s some more truth about fake security cameras:

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Connecting Smart Speakers and Home Security

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For homeowners with smart home security systems, integrating with a smart speaker device is the next logical step toward total home automation. For more information on connecting your home management devices, contact Park Security Systems. We’ll be glad to answer your questions. 

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Smart Home for Beginners: What You Need to Know

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In past generations, homeowners wished they could know what was happening at home when they weren’t there. Today, thanks to this era of modern technology and the Internet, it’s easy to do with a high definition (HD) smart video camera installed as part of a smart home security system.

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