Protecting Your Home from Holiday Burglary

Protecting Your Home from Holiday Burglary

Whether it’s to seek warmer weather or visit faraway loved ones, almost 50% of Americans are planning to travel during the holidays. That makes this the perfect time of year to remind our Pennsylvania home security customers how they can keep their properties safe from burglars while they’re away from home, especially during the busy holiday season. No matter how many nights you plan to be away, follow these simple steps to protect your home from burglary during the holidays. 

Buddy Up With Neighbors  

The traditional, low-tech neighborhood watch approach is still an outstanding tool for reducing the risk of burglary. Many times, criminals bypass entire blocks of homes if they know neighbors are organized about watching out for each other. Even if you plan to hire a housesitter over your holiday trip (also an excellent step to take), letting one trusted neighbor know you’ll be away can ensure you have someone watching for suspicious activity around your home. When that neighbor goes on their next trip, you can return the favor by doing the same for them. With both a housesitter and a neighbor in your corner, you can make sure your home is far more fortified. 

Install Some Extra Eyes

Of course, no one person can stay solely focused on your house 24/7. Whether you have a neighbor looking out or a housesitter staying overnight, you still need an extra set of eyes on the property the entire time you’re away. That’s where video surveillance comes in. With home camera systems installed inside and out, you’ll have more peace of mind and enjoy your holiday getaway far more.

If a break-in happens and you have opted into our add-on video monitoring feature, you’ll receive a real-time alert that enables you to view live video from your cameras. At the same time, our central station will respond immediately and send police to your property. 

Get Connected to Home 

While you might be able to unplug from day-to-day stresses on your holiday getaway, it’s important to stay connected to the place you call home. That means swiping on any mobile alerts you receive from your system, whether it’s a break-in or a notification that your video captured an event. You may find yourself needing to arm or disarm the system remotely; if so, you can do that directly through the mobile app. It’s easy to stay connected to home when you have smart home security that gives you total access to your system via your own smartphone. 

Protecting your home from holiday burglary doesn’t have to be stressful; it can be as simple as following these steps. To speak with a company that Pennsylvania home security customers have trusted for more than 30 years, call Park Security this holiday season. We look forward to assisting you. 

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