How to Prevent False Alarms on Your Property

How to Prevent False Alarms on Your Property

False alarms are a massive nuisance, and experiencing them can lead to many unwanted consequences. The good news is, there are several ways you can help prevent them from happening on your home or business property. Here are some things we recommend to our Pennsylvania security system customers to prevent false alarms. 

Avoid Careless User Errors

Many times, false alarms are triggered due to easily preventable user errors. The most common user errors that cause false alarms include:

  • Forgetting the correct passcode. 
  • Pressing a wrong key with long fingernails. 
  • Rolling the fingers on the keypad. 

To avoid these careless user errors, be sure you and every member of your household knows your most current passcode at all times. Make sure you enter the code slowly, one digit at a time, and verify that the keypad accepts each number. 

Assign Temporary User Codes 

Another way to reduce false alarms is by ensuring visitors do not attempt to enter your primary alarm passcode. The passcode for your system should be exclusive to members of your household. Trusted housekeepers, babysitters and other service providers you employ should be assigned their own user codes. With a temporary user code, you can give access to the people you trust to be in your home or business regularly. Please note, these codes should be removed when these individuals no longer need access to the property. If you need assistance assigning or activating a code, call our Pennsylvania security experts to help. 

Add Video Verification Service 

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of your system triggering a false alarm signal is by adding on video verification. This is a value-added service that puts your security cameras to work for you by verifying whether an alarm was triggered due to a valid emergency. It works by capturing an image of the motion that is causing your alarm, and sending that image to our central station. Right away, a live security agent will analyze the image to verify if a real intrusion is taking place; if it is, then police can be dispatched immediately. Meanwhile, you will also receive a mobile alert containing the clip from your camera. When you add video verification to your alarm service, you can substantially reduce your risk of experiencing a false alarm. 

These are some of the best ways to help prevent false alarms from happening on your property. Our Pennsylvania security company is ready to answer your questions; call Park Security now to discuss any of these false alarm prevention methods. 

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