Whether you are looking to control access to one door or hundreds, Park Security can design and install the right access control system for your business.

Monitor and Manage Who Enters Your Building

Access control systems are no longer reserved only for businesses with highly sensitive products or information who need maximum security. There are many reasons why access control systems benefit businesses of all sizes and in all industries. One of the biggest benefits is that you can throw away the keys and never worry about who has them again. If an employee leaves the company, simply log in and remove them from your employee list and they will no longer have access to your business.

No more collecting keys and no more changing locks! Next, you’ll always have a record of who is coming and going. By logging into our software, you’ll always be able to see who has entered and exited and at what time.

Another popular feature is the ability to allow or restrict access based on times, days, or areas of the buildings. All of this can be accomplished by using keycards, biometric scanners, or you can even use a smartphone as your access control device. Need a system to control access by the public? With intercom and video systems, we have that covered too!



Eliminate Re-Key Costs

An access control system relieves you of the need to change locks and keys when employees leave the company and restricts access to sensitive areas.


Review Entry Logs

The system logs and tracks the identities of those who enter, creating a record which can be combined with recorded video for even greater value. 


Control At Your Fingertips

Easily authorize or restrict access to all employees based on parameters such as time, day, and area of the building.

"I was very happy with the knowledge and professionalism of the installers of my system. I am confident in the protection Park Security Systems offers my business, and I would highly recommend them."

Charlotte Moss


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