Our interactive security services allow you to stay connected and in control of your home or business whether you are at the office or even in another country on vacation.

Introducing The Proactive Smart Home

Imagine a home that proactively looks out for your family. With smart home security powered by Park Security Systems, it’s a reality. Our new Insights Engine uses advanced machine learning to recognize, respond, and alert you to unexpected activity around your home.

It’s able to learn your family’s unique activity patterns, recognize when unusual activity happens, and let you know immediately so you can take action quickly.

Geo-Location Services

Geo-Services knows when you’re coming and going. It can automatically trigger your system to send you an arming reminder, turn your outside lights on or off, or even cool your house to the perfect temperature before you get home.

Automated Scenes

Scenes let you adjust multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you’re waking up, going to bed, or settling in to watch your favorite movie, your home can be the way you want it, instantly.

A.I. Behavior Learning

With real-time data from the security sensors around your home, your security system can understand your activity patterns and take smarter actions on your behalf than standalone devices can.

Smarter Energy Management

Smart systems by Park Security connects your thermostats and lighting to your security system for a smarter, more responsive set of options for saving energy. Manage your lights and temperature settings with automated schedules. Create easy rules to have an added layer of smart automation based on system activity.

The Garage Door: Reinvented

Keeping the garage door secure is absolutely essential to keeping your home secure. Smart garage doors significantly enhance your security by eliminating the problem of the forgotten open doors and intrusion by allowing you to open and close the garage door from your smartphone, tablet or the touchscreen keypad. Your system can also send text alerts or app notifications if the garage door has been left open by mistake.

Easily Manage Access To Your Property

Control who has access to your property, and when, with integrated control for door locks and garage doors. Remotely lock or unlock the door right from your mobile app. You can let in a visitor or a contractor without having to be there.  

Pro Tip: Set your security system to automatically disarm when a valid lock code is entered. This is simpler for users, who only have to remember one lock code (not a system code), avoiding the hassle of false alarms.

The Connected Home...Now More Connected

Of course, what would a smart home be without modern services like Alexa, Nest, Google Home and Apple? Connected home services from Park Security Systems play nice with your favorite devices, integrating easily and intuitively.


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