Don’t Let False Alarms Happen

Don’t Let False Alarms Happen

We want our Pennsylvania security company customers to know why it’s important to prevent false alarms from happening, both at home and business. False alarms, which are often triggered by user errors, can come with inconvenient and expensive consequences. Here are the most common. 

Fees from the City

Alarm industry research shows that approximately 60% of security system owners have paid a false alarm fee at last once. Although false alarm fees vary by the alarm ordinances of each city, the average false alarm fine is $150 — and in the state of Pennsylvania, the fine could legally go up to $300. In many cities, an owner’s alarm permit can be revoked or suspended after exceeding the number of false alarms allowed. To learn about the false alarm fees of your Pennsylvania city and how many are tolerated before the permit is affected, check your city’s official alarm ordinance.  

Impact on Police Resources 

Police department resources are low in cities throughout Pennsylvania, and false alarms can place an even greater burden on them. When police respond to emergency calls that prove to be false alarms, it can lead to a delay in their responses to true emergencies in the community.

It’s every alarm owner’s responsibility to avoid the user errors that lead to false alarms, so that police resources will not be impacted. 

Unpleasant Ownership Experience

One of the most important reasons to prevent false alarms from happening is to preserve your own ownership experience. If you accumulate fees and city warnings, it can be an understandably frustrating experience. Sometimes, that leads to customers canceling their monitoring service — and that’s a bad idea, because without monitoring service, your alarm is far less ineffective. Being established with a licensed alarm monitoring provider is the only way to ensure that you will get the help you need in the event of an emergency on your property. 

To reduce your risk of false alarms happening, avoid user errors when entering your alarm code. It can make all the difference. If you are seeking a Pennsylvania security company to install a new alarm at your home or business, call Park Security now. 

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