How Access Control is More Than Keyless Door Lock Entry

How Access Control is More Than Keyless Door Lock Entry

Now that access control systems are the new norm, the risky days of handing over keys to employees are long over. But access control is not just about keyless door lock entry; it’s truly a comprehensive building management tool. Here are some of the primary reasons. 

Inventory Protection

In the era of smash and grab robberies, retail inventory is more precious than ever. If you operate a retail business, you may find yourself keeping less inventory in the front window or on the floor. If that’s the case, then the storage room is where the majority of inventory is kept secure. That storage room should be protected with a quality keyless door lock entry for access control. Only authorized staff members should be given access to this area;

those who aren’t authorized should be restricted from the area within the system.

With the right access control system, a manager can program each user’s access based on where they need to be for their job duties.  

Premises Protection

For office buildings and other businesses where customer access is not common using keyless door lock entry for access control is the best way to protect the entire premises from those who are not authorized to enter. In the event that visitors will be coming to the site, the door can be manually opened by someone inside. If a vendor or routinely scheduled visitor comes at the same time every week, they can be issued a credential and the system can be programmed to give them access at that time. With a customized access control system, there are many possibilities for protecting the premises from those who should not be there. 

Employer Protection 

A keyless door lock entry system will give Pennsylvania employers a way to protect themselves from a variety of risks that could harm the business. Whether it’s keeping employees safe from disgruntled, terminated colleagues – or, helping employers avoid liability by keeping the building locked until the first shift of the day begins – there are many protective advantages an employer can benefit from. All these things can easily be done by the onsite administrator, who can log in to see who has entered and exited throughout the day on demand. In addition, the access logs can be checked against video surveillance that can be integrated directly into the system. 

These are some of the most exciting benefits of using access control systems for keyless door lock entry. Pennsylvania businesses that are interested in learning more should call Park Security Systems. We look forward to answering your questions. 

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