Staying Safer at Home this Summer

Staying Safer at Home this Summer

Even as summer winds down, there are plenty of risks to be aware of at home. It’s every homeowner’s responsibility to make sure people on the property are staying safe, whether they are part of your household or a guest. Here are some ways you can do this at your home. 

Take pool safety seriously.  

Year after year, water is by far the most serious summer safety risk for children. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death for children ages 5–14. Although natural bodies of water can be extremely dangerous as well, it may come as a surprise that 47% of fatal drownings happen in residential swimming pools. To prevent this tragedy, always make sure a caring, unimpaired and responsible adult is supervising pool activity involving kids. There is simply no substitute. 

Be smart with outdoor grills.

Outdoor grills are a great way to prepare summer meals, but they must be used with caution. The National Fire Protection Association reports that every year, fire departments in the United States respond to approximately 10,000 residential fires per year caused by outdoor grills, and roughly 9,000 people a year receive medical treatment for painful thermal burns related to grills.

To keep everyone in your yard safe, always use the grill at a safe distance away from the house, trim any hanging landscaping that’s too close to the grill, and never leave the grill unattended. 

Don’t overlook home security.  

For criminals who target residential homes, summer is the high season because of homeowners going on vacation and weather that provides more comfortable conditions. If you have not yet installed video surveillance at home, this is the year to do it — especially if you have not yet gone on vacation. Our system will provide a live video feed you can access from your own smartphone, anywhere you are. It will also send you 20-second on-demand video clips taken from your doorbell camera, interior and exterior cameras. This is the home security you need all year long. 

Staying safer at home this summer is easier than it seems. To discuss video surveillance for your Pennsylvania home, call Park Security this summer. We look forward to assisting you. 


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