A More Secure Garage Door in All Seasons

Often, the garage door is used more frequently during the spring and summer seasons as cars are being tuned and the kids are in and out on their bicycles. That makes this a great time to give your garage door the security boost it needs, so it can deliver better year-round home security. Pennsylvania homeowners can trust Park Security to add garage door management to their home security repertoires. Ask how we can help you eliminate these garage door concerns.   

Garage Doors Left Open

Spring and summer travel is coming up, and you’ll want to make sure the house is secure before you take off. Everybody knows what those “oh no” moments are like once you’re on the road or the plane has taken off, and forgetting to close the garage door is one of the most common. To make sure it doesn’t happen to you this year, consider upgrading to a smart garage door that can be opened and closed remotely with your own smartphone or tablet. 

Garage Doors Unlocked 

Did you know that an experienced thief can break into your home through the garage door in just under six seconds? It’s true. When the garage door is left unlocked, the whole home is left vulnerable. When it’s secured, the whole home can be safer from theft, home invasion and other dangerous risks.

A smart garage door can give you that security, with text alerts that notify you if the garage door was left open or unlocked by mistake. 

The time to give your garage door a much-needed security boost is now. For more information on this and other technology to improve home security, Pennsylvania homeowners can call Park Security. We look forward to answering your questions. 

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