Staying Safe in Stormy Weather

Whether or not a storm is brewing, it’s always a good time to discuss how to avoid the personal safety hazards of rainy weather. Here are some tips everyone can implement from the Pennsylvania home security experts at Park Security Systems. 

Drive Safely in the Rain

According to the Department of Transportation, 75% of weather-related vehicle crashes happen on wet pavement and 47% of them occur during rainfall. Sadly, wet pavement crashes kill almost 6,000 people per year and 3,400 people die in crashes that happen while rain is falling.  

To help protect yourself from the dangers of rainy roads, follow these simple tips while driving in the rain: 

  • Slow down on wet roads, staying at or below the posted speed limit. 
  • Stay sober before driving, avoiding alcohol and other impairing substances. 
  • Screens off while driving in the rain; no phones, no exceptions. 

Rainy roads mean reduced vehicle traction and reduced visibility. It can be a recipe for disaster, but you can help prevent it by practicing safe driving in the rain. 

Keep Your Rainy Routine Safe

If possible, it’s best to stay home or indoors during a storm. When staying indoors just isn’t feasible for your day, make safety a top priority when going about your routine in the rain. Here are some tips for daily activity in wet weather: 

  • When walking on stairs, use the handrails.
  • When walking outdoors, wear slip-resistant, water-resistant footwear.
  • When walking inside, wipe feet on mats before entering. 
  • When walking a distance, stay on well-lit pathways.
  • When walking in the dark, consider using a flashlight.  

During stormy weather, staying safe should be your top priority wherever you are. We want our Pennsylvania home security customers to be safe at all times; to discuss home security technology that can help, call Park Security Systems today. 

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