A More Secure Home This Spring

Spring cleaning may be on your to-do list, but why not maximize your seasonal goals by boosting your home security? Pennsylvania homeowners can do this with some simple, but powerful upgrades to their systems. Here’s what we recommend. 

Geo-Location Services

Geo-Services uses AI to make your entire home go to work for you. It knows when you’re coming and going, and can automatically trigger your system to send you important alerts for your home based on your location. Get a reminder when it’s time to turn your Z-Wave powered lights on with your smartphone, so that the home is brightly lit for your arrival. Receive an alert when it’s time to adjust the thermostat, so the house will be at your ideal temperature the moment you walk in the door. That’s what Geo-Location can do for you. 

Integrated Access 

Gain better control over who has access to your home (and when), with integrated control for the locks on your doors. By replacing your traditional door locks with smart locks, you can lock and unlock your doors with your smartphone from anywhere. Let in visitors, workers and other trusted individuals with a single tap, and lock back up when they leave. You can also set a lock code in order to reduce the risk of your system triggering a false alarm. There’s so much that integrated access can help you accomplish; ask us for details.   

Scenes and Schedules

If you prefer a “set up and walk away” approach, your Scenes and Schedules features can make that happen. Try setting schedules for your lights, smart locks and thermostat that operate on a daily schedule. You’ll love knowing everything is on autopilot while you’re going about your day. And if you want multiple devices to communicate with each other and work together, the Scenes feature can help; consider setting up Scenes for arriving home, going to bed and other important times of day.

If you want your home security to arm, your lights to go off and your thermostat to lower when you leave the house, you can tell your system to do all three by tapping a single button on your smartphone. 

These are some of the enhancements to inquire about for better home security. Pennsylvania homeowners, call Park Security Systems to learn more. 

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PARK Security Systems is a full-service, locally owned and operated provider of home security in Pennsylvania. PARK Security Systems’ certified expert technicians offer residential and commercial security solutions to our local homes and businesses.

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