More Auto Theft in PA: Video Surveillance Needed

More Auto Theft in PA

The current epidemic of auto theft in Pennsylvania continues, with the crimes getting more intricate and elaborate. Here’s the latest information, including how automotive businesses can fight back. 

From Retail Auto Theft to Rental Auto Theft

Currently, the trend is crossing over from victimizing automotive dealers into targeting the car rental company space. In January, the auto theft ring linked to a number of crimes over the holidays was identified as being responsible for stealing from a local vehicle rental company as well. Reportedly, these thieves were responsible for at least 15 stolen rental cars. In this case, employees of the rental car establishment were implicated for their involvement as well. Sadly, victims are now finding that their own employees are playing a role in auto theft off their lots. 

Criminals Selling Stolen Cars Across State Lines 

Meanwhile, retail auto theft continues to happen as well. One case involves a thief from New Jersey traveling to retail dealerships in Pennsylvania and Maryland for the purpose of stealing heavy equipment and utility vehicles from those dealerships. Then, he transported the stolen items to New Jersey to be sold there in his home state.

Justice is being served in federal court, fortunately — but clearly, better security is needed at automotive-based businesses. 

How Video Surveillance Can Intervene 

In these cases, the right video surveillance can make all the difference. When cameras clearly capture the identity of customers at rental car establishments, missing vehicles can be tracked down more quickly once they are determined to be stolen. Offending customers can be placed on company-wide blacklists so that other franchises will know who they should not rent to. Retail automotive establishments that are victimized can share their videos online, including on social media, to alert those who may be inclined to purchase the stolen vehicle. And of course, victims should always share the footage with law enforcement so that auto theft criminals can be brought to justice. 

Auto theft is a crime that continues to be on the rise, but automotive businesses can fight back. To learn more about video surveillance in PA, call Park Security Systems now. 

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