A Business Security Boost for the New Year

The high criminal activity of the past several years has many businesses looking for ways to improve security in 2023. At Park Security, we have commercial security options that can help you achieve more security goals in the new year. Here’s what we are recommending to those in need of better business security throughout Pennsylvania. 

Video Surveillance Solutions 

For businesses that already have a monitored security system in place, one way to enhance its quality and ROI is with video surveillance. Retail businesses are likely to already have cameras installed, but video surveillance is for far more than reducing retail theft. Video surveillance is also for manufacturing plants, healthcare sites, educational campuses and more. 

Our video surveillance solutions can address numerous organizational security issues, from reducing fraudulent injury claims to identifying potentially hazardous work areas. Your liabilities can be reduced, and your bottom line protected, with well-executed video surveillance monitoring high risk areas throughout your location. 

Loss Prevention Solutions 

If your business is retail, you know that the last few years have been one of the riskiest times for the industry in recent memory. From single offenders to organized theft rings, retail theft remains rampant as we enter 2023. Retailers need real loss prevention solutions to reduce their risks. With the right camera technology, you can defend your retail business against everything from lone shoplifters to flash mobs. 

In addition, your cameras can capture the activity of dishonest employees, whether they’re committing time theft or stealing from the cash register. Your merchandise can be protected under the watchful eyes of your cameras, and your floors can be monitored for people attempting to stage false injuries on your property.

The security of your facility and property can be improved exponentially with new surveillance systems, which may be obtained more easily through commercial financing

The new year is an ideal time to invest in new security solutions to reduce crime at your business. For more information on these and our other business security services in Pennsylvania, contact Park Security this January. We look forward to helping you. 

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