Tax Refunds, Moving and Your Home Security System

About 60 percent of Americans can expect to receive a refund this year. This is according to NerdWallet, which also reported that the average tax refund in 2019 is $2,697. For those who have big goals in mind this spring, their tax refund may be able to help. One of the most popular goals for how to use your tax refund? Moving into a new home.

Can you take your security system with you when you move?

As long as it’s a wireless security system supported by cellular signal – no landline phone needed – it’s easy to take your security system with you when you move to a new home. But if you’re still tethered to a hardwired, plain old telephone service (POTS) home security system, it would be much harder to pull off this kind of transfer. The good news for people who have those outdated home security systems? Moving gives you a great opportunity to upgrade to a wireless system.

Why do you want to upgrade?

There are numerous reasons why someone with traditional home security would want to take the step up to wireless. For one, these systems are tamper proof. Even if an intruder smashes the keypad, the alarm will sound and the signal will reach the central station.

And of course, there’s the obvious advantage of having no landline phone wire – something that intruders were notorious for cutting in the past in order to disable the alarm. Tamper proofing your home security is probably the number one reason you want to leave your hardwired system behind when you move. Oh, and another thing that can’t tamper with your wireless system? The weather. Rain, sleet, snow or lightning does nothing to interrupt your signal.

What about mobile access?

Another reason is the mobile capability. As an owner of wireless home security, you’ll have access to your system on demand through your mobile device – and of course, that includes your smartphone. Arm and disarm the system from your phone whenever you want, check on your video surveillance footage as needed, and even get text alerts when there’s an alarm event. These are important advantages you just didn’t have with your last home security system.

To learn more about home security systems when moving to a new home, call Park Security Systems. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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