Moving in or Out of Central, PA? Don’t Forget Home Security

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Moving into a new home is something millions of Americans do every spring and summer, and May is officially National Moving Month. Considering these things, now is a great time for anyone planning a move to start putting together their checklists for the process. After all, moving is a big undertaking. And on that checklist, one of the first priorities for Central PA homeowners should be home security and alarm monitoring. Here are the added benefits of making this wise decision.

Securing your new home

In the unfamiliar atmosphere of a new home and neighborhood, your “security senses” will be more intense than normal – especially at night. For many people, it can take months for every little noise to stop arousing concern. But when your new home is secured by a monitored alarm system with built-in, proactive intelligence, you can put mind at ease. You’ll feel better knowing that no attempt to break into your home will go undetected.

Monitoring your visitors

When you move into a new home, you’ll be flooded with visitors ranging from family and close friends to friendly (or nosy) new neighbors. Additionally, you may be opening your home to contractors, delivery people or your real estate professionals. Your monitored home security system with intelligent camera protection can keep track of it all. You’ll see every person the moment they arrive on video, and can speak to them through the two-way speaker.

Helping your energy bills

Making your new home more energy-efficient is likely to be a long-term project; you may need new windows, doors or cooling. However, a home security system with smart home technology can get you off on the right foot. The smart thermostat can start saving energy right away; all you need to do is adjust your smart thermostat when you’re not home using the same mobile app you use to control your system. If you’re diligent about this, you’ll watch your energy bills get lower right away.

To make sure your moving checklist includes home security, Pennsylvania residents can call Park Security Systems. We would enjoy speaking with you.

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