How Smart Home Alarm Systems Save Lives

Smart Home Security saves lives

Rain storms, snow storms, extreme cold…the “joys” of winter are upon us. If you have lived on the East Coast for a length of time, you may be used to severe weather – but unfortunately, being used to something doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Extreme weather can do extreme damage, and as the head of a household it is incumbent upon you to keep your family safe from the risks.

How We Can Help

Fortunately, we have something that can help: smart home alarm systems. Pennsylvania homeowners have access to real-time weather alerts with these systems, and they can rest assured that the data is accurate – why? Because it comes straight from the National Weather Service.

As soon as we receive the data, we instantly send a signal to security panels in homes that are in the path of the severe weather event. It could be rain, it could be snow, it may even be wildfire. Whatever it is, you’ll know about it as soon as we do. This enables you to quickly move your family indoors, or seek shelter in a nearby area that is out of the danger zone.

They Also Protect Your Home

Personal security is a powerful advantage to smart home alarm systems, but Pennsylvania homeowners can protect their homes with these systems as well. With flood sensors and temperature threshold alerts, you can also spare your home from costly flood damage that occurs when frozen pipes burst. When you see a low temperature alert, you can take steps to stop your pipes from freezing – whether it’s heating the area, turning off the water main, or whatever your local municipality recommends.

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