Smart Home Systems: Artificial Intelligence You Can Embrace

Remember when “the future” seemed like a time when we would all be piloting our own flying cars and living in homes shaped like flying saucers? It turns out that wasn’t meant to be (at least not yet). The good news is, we have plenty of other breakthroughs to celebrate. After all, where would our lives be without our smartphones, computers, tablets and virtual assistants? These devices are getting more intelligent all the time, and that artificial intelligence is making our lives better year after year.

One of the ways AI makes life better is with home management. You may not realize it – but if you have a smart home system, you have powerful artificial intelligence at your fingertips.

Artificial Intelligence at Home  

This intelligence is what powers many of our smart home products and services, and you can control it all with your smartphone or virtual assistant device. While home security services are part of the package, it doesn’t end there. Using artificial intelligence, you can automate your smart home system to:
  • Lock doors when you leave home.
  • Close window shades when it’s bedtime.
  • Turn lights on when you’re arriving home from work.
  • Adjust the thermostat while you’re away from home.

Engineering Scenes in Your Home 

Even better, there’s even a feature that will carry out all these tasks at the same time. The feature, called Scenes, allows all your smart home devices to communicate with each other and perform multi-device commands. There are scenes for waking up, leaving house, going to bed and even custom scenes you can create yourself based on your unique household routines.
You can embrace artificial technology at home once you realize its power to make life easier. To inquire about a smart home system that augments your home security and automates your life, contact Park Security. We will be glad to show you what’s possible.

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