Tips to Enjoy Safe and Happy Holidays

Tips for a Safer Holiday

All of us deserve a happy holiday season every year, but 2021 calls for as much joy and peace as possible. Here are some ways you can improve the atmosphere in your home this holiday season, and some ways your home security technology can help things stay safe and serene.

Holding Fire Hazards at Bay  

Cooking and baking are still in, but they still carry the same risks they do every year. The National Fire Protection Association reports that home cooking fires cost $1.2 billion in property damage every year.

To keep fire hazards at bay, never leave your cooking or baking unattended. Also, be sure to test your smoke alarms to make sure they work; this should be done annually, and they should be replaced every 10 years. With your professionally monitored security system, you can be assured that our monitoring service will dial 911 on your behalf – but regardless, fire prevention should be the first goal.  

Monitoring Criminal Activity

Holiday vacations are postponed this year, but criminals are still committing burglary and porch pirate theft during the holiday season. With security cameras strategically mounted above your front porch and in other key areas around your property, you can catch them in the act (or ideally, prevent them from acting in the first place).

If you choose to reinforce this monitoring with our video analytics service, then your cameras will have extra investigative power. They’ll be able to distinguish when they are capturing human activity, as opposed to stray pets or passing vehicles. That gives you the advantage of knowing whether the motion outside is a true security concern. If you have smart lights in the house, then video analytics can trigger them to turn on at the same time. This is next-level home security you can rely on. 

Keeping Your Packages Protected

It’s safer for people to shop online this year — but ironically, our gifts are less safe once they’re delivered and sitting on the porch. With a couple of key home security devices, the safety of your purchases can be restored. All it takes is a doorbell camera and a smart lock, working together to keep your packages protected.

When your items arrive, you’ll receive a text that alerts you to the delivery. Swipe on it, tap on the microphone button and use the two-way voice communication to tell the driver you’re about to unlock the door for him with your phone. He can leave the package inside, and you can lock the door with your phone as he walks away. It’s simple and effective.

These are some ways to enjoy safe and happy holidays in 2020 using your home security technology.  To learn more about any of the products and services mentioned here, call Park Security Systems. We’re ready to answer your questions.

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