Pennsylvania Wildfire Season Continues

Wildfire season

Although this has been a year of low wildfire risk in Pennsylvania, November is the concluding month of our wildfire season; that means the risk isn’t over, especially when it comes to human-caused wildfires. According to the state fire commissioner, 99% of all wildfires in Pennsylvania are caused by human activity — and not necessarily intentional activity like arson. 

Ironically, one of the major causes of human-caused wildfires is an activity people do in order to preserve the environment: the act of burning trash and debris. If you burn trash or yard waste, you may be motivated by the idea of preventing it from going to a landfill, which is admirable. However, you need to proceed with caution. 

Protecting Your Property from Wildfire 

Also, remember: If your home or business is located near the forest, you are putting your own property in danger of being destroyed by wildfire. If your property is in the wildland-urban interface, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources recommends taking the following steps while burning trash or debris. 

  • Reduce the risk of a fire igniting within the Home Ignition Zone (the area surrounding your property).
  • Keep the Immediate Zone (0 to 5 feet) clear of all combustible materials.
  • Create breaks within the landscape at the Intermediate Zone (5 to 30 feet).
  • Include interruptions within the forested landscape the Extended Zone (30 to 100 feet). 

Preventing Wildfires Caused by Equipment  

The burning of trash and debris is not the only source of human-caused wildfires. Another initiator of human-caused wildfires is improper use of equipment, including gas-powered landscape maintenance vehicles and tools.

To reduce fire risks, make sure your lawn mower or other equipment does not overheat.

Firefighting professionals have made a direct correlation between hot mowers and wildfires; when a recently used lawn mower is extremely hot, it can ignite the grass clippings that are on it. In fact, it can ignite anything that may be flammable nearby.

As Pennsylvania wildfire season comes to a close, we can all do our part to ensure 2021 remains a low wildfire year. Even when fire events are scarce in the region, every homeowner and business should be equipped with monitored fire detection. Park Security can help; contact us today to learn more about fire alarms and fire alarm monitoring. 

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