Preparing for Pennsylvania Wildfire Season

Pennsylvania wildfire season occurs in October and November, as they are dry fall months that give way to brush and other natural spreaders of wildfire. Learn how to do your part for wildfire prevention this year. 

Understanding 2021 Wildfire Risks 

First, the good news: State fire authorities have gone on record to say that 2021 is a low risk year for wildfires in Pennsylvania. Both the Observed Fire Danger and the Forecast Fire Danger maps of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources are green for the entire state, reflecting a low risk of fire. 

However, recent rains that have contributed to these favorable conditions could come to an end at any time. If that happens, Pennsylvania forests will dry out quickly. According to State Fire Commissioner Bruce Trego, “Despite the persistent rain that we’ve seen throughout the summer and most recently, wildfires and brush fires remain a risk — especially as we head into the fall wildfire season.” Fire authorities report that one of the things people love most about autumn – leaves turning color and beginning to fall – creates a deep, fluffy layer of dry leaves that gives way to wildfire hazards.

Preventing Human-Caused Wildfires 

According to Commissioner Trego, 99% of all wildfires in Pennsylvania are caused by people. A leading cause of human-caused wildfires is the burning of debris.

People believe that burning trash or yard waste is convenient and eco-friendly, but the fire danger connected to this activity is real. 

A backyard burning of yard debris can quickly, easily travel through dead grass and leaves and straight into the woods, causing an uncontrollable wildfire. At that point, it’s threatening homes and human lives. You can prevent this by avoiding debris burning altogether, or exercising extreme caution if you must burn debris. And of course, always check with your township for burn bans and local ordinances on debris burning.

After debris burning, other leading causes of wildfires in Pennsylvania include: 

  • Equipment use
  • Power lines
  • Campfires

Pennsylvania wildfire season should be taken seriously. We’re doing our part by educating our customers on the important role they play in wildfire prevention. To discuss fire detection and prevention technology for your home or business, call Park Security today. 

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