How a Smart Home Helps with Your Busy Season

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We’re moving into the season with shorter days, earlier nights and more activity going on at home. You need technology that’s parallel to what’s going on inside your house — a system that helps you manage the return of homework, soccer practices and indoor dinners to your routine. That’s what a smart home system is, and the fall season is when smart home technology truly shines. Here are some examples of what it can do for you in the busy fall season. 

Luminate Your Arrival Home 

Not only is coming home to a dark house unsafe; it’s also discouraging. There are studies that make a direct connection between the brightness of the home and emotional wellbeing. A smart home system can make sure you have that ideally bright, illuminated home, without the costly expense of leaving lights on all day. Instead, you can program your system for exterior lighting that turns itself on at dusk and off at sunrise. 

Inside, you can have smart lights that you turn on with a tap on your phone before you leave work (unless you opt to automate them for the same time every day). Now, you’ll have a safer and more serene home arrival. 

Set the Scene for Early Evenings In 

The further we get into fall, even the weekends tend to be observed with early evenings in. With a smart home system, you can set the entire scene for your family’s night. Tell your smart speaker to adjust the lighting, turn on the music, arm the security system and lock the doors all at once. 

Whether it’s a quick weeknight dinner and homework, or a weekend lock-in with movies and popcorn, your smart home system can address both ambiance and alarm protection. Night after night, your smart home system can help you achieve the environment you’re aiming for. 

Stay on Top of Visitors 

The traditional porch light is helpful, but leaving it on all night gets costly. With a smart home system, you can incorporate a porch light that only comes on when the doorbell is pressed. At the same time, you can get a smartphone alert to show you who’s at the door. Swipe on it to see who it is without leaving the dinner table, stopping the kids’ bedtime story or getting up from the couch. The two-way speaker lets you speak to the visitor if you like. 

Next, you’ll never miss a visitor with a porch light that turns on when the doorbell is pressed. If you have smart locks installed as part of the configuration and you wish to let the person in, you can unlock the door with your phone. This is perfect when it’s the kids’ best friends, your favorite neighbor or a close family member stopping by. 

These are some of the ways a smart home system helps you with your busy fall season. To get started on your own smart home journey, call Park Security today. We’d love to show you what’s possible. 

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