4 Ways to Enjoy a Safer Summer

4 Ways to Enjoy a Safer Summer
Is there anything better than the soothing days of summer? For many homeowners, they’re the highlight of the year; pleasant outdoor weather, more time with loved ones, and a relief from the daily grind are just some of the reasons. However, summer is also a time to test your safety awareness. By following these steps, your family can enjoy a safer summer in 2020.

1. Be aware of summer burglaries.

When warm weather and homeowners being on vacation are combined, it’s a recipe for more criminal activity. No wonder summer is every burglar’s favorite time of year. By installing outdoor smart cameras this summer, you can keep your home from becoming vulnerable. In addition, don’t advertise your travel arrangements on social media; post about your vacation when it’s over to keep burglars from knowing about it.

2. Keep an eye on home play equipment.

While kids are extraordinary in their ability to dust off bumps and bruises, certain home play equipment can lead to injuries that are far more serious. To cushion falls, plant mulch around and beneath the equipment – and to make sure the equipment itself is safe, perform an inspection to look for anything that needs repairing. To be an even more proactive parent, we recommend you place smart cameras in the yard. These can help you keep a watchful eye from inside the house.

3. Take swimming pool safety seriously.

If swimming pools are your main source of summer fun, you should be aware that they are also very real sources of risk. To keep everyone who uses your pool safe, you should make sure that:
  • All kids have the correct flotation devices on.
  • A caring adult is by the pool to supervise.
  • Children are given ground rules for horseplay, jumping in and diving.
There is electronic security that can help with pool safety as well. By placing a smart contact sensor to your pool gate, you can receive an alert to your smartphone if kids are trying to open the gate when they aren’t supposed to.

4. Understand summer crimes of opportunity.

Another reason that summer is a heightened time of burglary risk is the casual attitude many homeowners have in the relaxed summer months. All it takes for a criminal to see an opportunity is an open garage door, an unlocked front door, or a window cracked open just a few inches. You can protect your home against these crimes of opportunity by adding on a connected garage door opener, a smart lock for the front door and contact sensors for the windows. Ask us for details.
Some summer safety principles are common sense, and others are made possible by smart home security technology. To learn more about any of the technologies mentioned here, contact Park Security Systems. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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