Technology to Watch Over Aging Loved Ones

Our parents and grandparents looked after our safety in our formative years – and in their golden years, it’s our turn to look after theirs. Fortunately, there’s security technology that makes it easier. It’s the Wellness system, which includes products and services available to you right here at Park Security Systems.

Wellness is a great solution for adult children and grandchildren who are unable to be in the same home as Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa. It’s an especially helpful tool during this time of heightened health concerns nationwide. Using Wellness to watch over your loved one is the next best thing to watching over them at home. It enables you to:
  • Check in on them any time of day with video and two-way audio
  • Receive alerts when there’s unusual activity
  • See and speak to them easily on the mobile app
  • Give up to 10 family members access to the account
  • Connect to bed sensors, chair sensors and medication boxes
  • View a daily highlight reel of your loved one’s activity
And like a traditional personal emergency response system (PERS), Wellness includes a callout button for your loved one to reach help when it’s needed. But unlike a traditional PERS, Wellness does not require the owner to wear a connected bracelet. That means more autonomy for your beloved parent or grandparent.
To discuss Wellness and other home security technology to help you watch over aging loved ones, call Park Security Systems today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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