Smart Things to Do with a Doorbell Camera

Video Doorbell
If you haven’t yet invested in a doorbell camera, you’re missing out on a powerful home security tool. There are so many smart things you can do with a doorbell camera; here are some of the smartest.

Catch Criminals in the Act 

From our daily meals to our large electronics, just about everything can now be delivered to our doorsteps. It’s incredibly convenient, but it can also make us incredibly vulnerable. That’s why one of the smartest reasons to have a doorbell camera is to catch criminals in the act. Whether they try to grab your lunch or your LED TV, they’ll be on camera – and because of the two-way voice speaker, you may be able to jump in and stop them with the sound of your voice.

Help Your Helpers 

Your doorbell camera can come in handy for your housesitters, babysitters, dog walkers and other helpers. If they arrive while you aren’t home, you’ll get an alert when they arrive; if you have a smart locking door, you’ll be able to use your phone to remotely let them in.
There’s no need to leave a key under the mat; the integration of your doorbell camera and your smart lock takes care of their access to the house.

Support Parenting Goals 

Your doorbell camera isn’t a full-blown babysitter, but it can help support your parenting goals while you’re at work. If children are still in the house doing distance learning, you’ll know the second someone approaches your doorway. You can see who it is, and you can talk to them while they’re standing there. They’ll never know you aren’t home unless you tell them. When the “regular” school year starts again, your doorbell camera will tell you when the kids arrive home every day. You might wonder how you ever parented without it.
These are some of the smartest things you can do with a doorbell camera. To learn more, contact Park Security. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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