Geo-Fencing: Invisible, Effortless Home Automation

Home Automation
You already know that a smart security system gives you a safer home, and that your home security app keeps you in control of your entire system. But there are still some features you may not be aware of when it comes to your system. One of them is Geo-Services, an optional feature that supports your home management goals when you’re away.

Geo-Services uses geo-fencing technology to create an invisible “fence” around your home; then, it uses the location of your phone to detect where you are and what direction you’re headed in. By turning on the simple Geo-Services rules on your dashboard, some of your most important household management tasks become much easier. Here are a few.

Locking up the house. 

Ever forget to lock up the house or close the garage? We’ve all done it, and usually we’re miles from home by the time we realize it. Geo-Services can help with that by locking your smart lock or closing the garage door every time you leave the house, whether you’re out the door for work or leaving for vacation.

Saving energy while you’re away. 

Adjusting the thermostat before leaving home is a great way to save energy and money. But when you’re late for work or trying to get on the road for a long trip, it’s easy to forget. Setting the Geo-Services rule for your smart thermostat will take care of this indefinitely, saving you money month after month.

Lighting up a dark house. 

When you come home at night, Geo-Services detects your location to turn on your smart lights before you pull into the driveway. That way, you never come home to a dark house. If you hate the ritual of fearfully scurrying inside to turn on the lights, Geo-Services can make sure you never have to do it again.

Create multiple geo-fences.

Geo-Services creates a geo-fence around your house to make completing all these tasks possible. But it’s also possible to create more than one geo-fence so that all your rules work together more smoothly. For example: If you want the thermostat and lights to come on at different times, you can create a 10-mile fence to trigger your thermostat and a one-mile fence to trigger your lights. That way, everything comes on at the right time for you. It’s your house, your rules.
You’ve already taken the first step toward making your home more secure; now, take the next step toward making your house run more smoothly. To learn more about using the Geo-Services feature in your system, contact us today.

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