Keep Porch Pirates from Succeeding this Year

Packages on Doorstep
Whether they’re new or experienced thieves, stealing packages from the porches in your neighborhood is one of the easiest crimes to succeed at. It takes less than one minute for a thief to get to your porch, retrieve your package and speed off in their getaway car. And after your house, they’re on to victimizing one of your neighbors – anyone who has a package sitting unattended on the porch. But this year, you can keep them from succeeding. Here are some ways to do it. 

Have your packages sent somewhere else. 

Whether it’s to a box at the post office or the mailroom at your office, you can decrease the possibility of porch piracy in your neighborhood by having your packages sent elsewhere. If you choose to have it sent to your place of business, be sure to make sure it’s allowed first. As for the post office, remember that a P.O. box is best for small package deliveries. In any case, both places reduce your risk of becoming victimized. 

Have packages shipped at certain times. 

Sometimes, you get the option of choosing a specific time of day for your item to be delivered. This is something to take advantage of, because you can make sure yourself or another member of the household will be there to watch for the delivery and receive it. If someone else will be receiving it, make sure they know what time it’s coming and ask them to bring it in the house right away. Seconds count when it comes to protecting your deliveries from porch pirates. 

Use your doorbell camera and smart locks. 

Using your smart home security devices can be the best way to keep porch pirates from succeeding. You’ll get a smartphone alert when the delivery person is at the door and can communicate with the driver directly through the doorbell camera. 
Hopefully, you also have smart locks so you can unlock the door with your phone and ask the driver to take the package inside. As he walks away, you can lock it back the same way. 
These are some of the best ways to reduce your family’s vulnerability to porch pirates. To learn more about doorbell cameras, smart locks and other smart home security technology, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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