Use Home Security to Be Kind to Yourself this Year

Smart Home Security for the New Year

After the year that just ended, many of us are looking for ways to be kinder to ourselves in 2021. Maybe we want to start eating better or getting more sleep. Maybe we want to make our exercise routines less grueling and more enjoyable. Or, maybe we simply want to take more time to enjoy life. If that’s the case, your smart home security technology can help. Here are some ways to use it.

Enhance your coming home routine.

If you can’t work from home, the next best thing is to make your coming home routine easy and pleasant. If you have a smart home security system, the Scenes feature can detect when you’re approaching home and initiate a series of tasks:

  • Unlocking the smart lock on the front door.
  • Illuminate the smart porch light.
  • Turning on smart lights inside.
  • Disarming the security system.

By the time you get to the house, your door is unlocked, your lights are on and your thermostat is set to your perfect temperature. This is a great way to enhance your coming home routine and enjoy a small reprieve at the end of your busy work days.

Farm out chores…to your security system.

Everyone in the household should have their fair share of chores. But that doesn’t mean everyone should be doing round-the-clock busywork, especially when those tasks could easily be automated. Sure, you or your family members have to be responsible for doing the dishes and making the beds. But with smart home security, you can farm out those tedious tasks. Your system can:

  • Turn lights on and off throughout the house.
  • Adjust the thermostat depending on time of day.
  • Arm and disarming the alarm as you come and go.

Allocating these tasks is as simple as programming your system to do them at the times you determine. Once you have these tasks automated, you’ll have more time to spend with loved ones. It’s a great way to be kind to yourself.

Prepare for unforeseen emergencies.

One thing to be learned from 2020 is the reality that everything can change in an instant. If you’ve observed that you need to make some important home safety updates – such as new smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors – you can take care of those in 2021 as you update your home security system. Let us know if you need help replacing your home safety devices and upgrading to smart home security.

This is the year to be kind to yourself. When it comes to using smart home security to achieve your goal, we can help. Call Park Security to learn more.

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