How Do Young Professionals Use Home Security?

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There’s an interesting movement taking place when it comes to young professionals: As they buy their starter homes, they’re looking to complete their move-ins by investing in home security systems. Sure, they still get a new dog and fill the home with furniture – but when those steps are checked off, they get a home security consultation and schedule an installation. So, why is that?

It may be that these millennials think securing the home with technology is just “what you do” today. It may be because they grew up with home security systems, and they’ve heard about the great technology that today’s systems have. In any case, young homeowners can expect to get these benefits from wireless home security.

Proactive Threat Response

Let’s be honest: Sometimes, millennials get a bad rap. For the most part, young professionals are quite practical – and, more importantly, proactive. They are likely to consider home security because they want proactive response to criminal threats. They know the wireless sensors will detect it, and they know that the wireless signal will reach the central station any time of the day or night that a threat is detected.

Reliable Threat Intervention

Millennial homeowners don’t have to ask whether the central station will get their signal no matter what the weather is, or if there’s a power outage. They know the central station is a place where trained security professionals are standing by to intervene by sending help when the alarm is triggered, no matter what. And because they’re so comfortable with technology, they completely trust their home security systems to work as intended.

Reduced Threats in the Future

Educated young professionals also know that owning a home security system can actually reduce criminal threats gradually over time. They have friends throughout the neighborhood who are also on board with home security, which means that local criminals will eventually get the message this not a neighborhood to be messed with. Over time, it increases the safety of the entire area.

Young professionals buying starter homes understand the value of home security. This is something that homeowners of all ages can learn from. To see for yourself what young homeowners already understand, call Park Security Systems. We will be glad to show you.

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