Connecting Your Smart Speaker to Home Security

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If your home life is busy and demanding, you probably love the convenience your Alexa, Echo or Google Home device offers — and, you’re in good company. According to a survey from National Public Radio (NPR) and Edison Research, 21% of U.S. adults say they now own a smart speaker, also known as a virtual assistant device. That may not sound like much, until you see that 21% of American adults equals 53 million people. And, roughly one-third of those people say they use their smart speaker several times a day.

How does this relate to home security? Here’s how: Now, your wireless home security system can integrate with your smart speaker. The result is simpler, more efficient household management in addition to better security. Here are some examples of things the integration can do.

Secure Your Home Hands-Free

When you pull into the garage after work, chances are you have young ones to carry into the house or groceries to bring in. The last thing you need to worry about is closing the garage or disarming the security system. Now, you won’t have to. It’s as simple as saying, “Hey Alexa, close the garage” or “Okay Google, disarm the system.” Just like that, it’s done – totally hands-free.

Arm Your System at Night

How is this any easier than arming your system at night with the mobile app you already have? With this integration, you can simply tell your smart speaker to arm the system. No fiddling with the phone or leaving the family to take care of it. You can keep bathing the kids, enjoying your TV show or getting ready for bed. Just give your voice command, and your smart speaker will take care of it.

Create a Comfy Climate

When you or the kids are too cold or too hot in bed, you want relief immediately. But you have to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat, right? Not anymore. Instead, just say, “Okay Google: Set the temperature to 72 degrees.” If your smart home security is connected to your smart speaker, it’s as easy as that. You can also give commands to adjust by number of degrees: “Hey Alexa, turn the temperature down by five degrees.” No leaving your bed, no reaching for your phone.

Your wireless security system can do even more when it’s integrated with your smart speaker. If you have Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo, we can answer your questions about getting it connected to your smart home security. Pennsylvania homeowners, ask us for more information.

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