Automating Wellness for Seniors in Altoona

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As a holistic approach to personal health and wellness is being embraced by people of all ages, devices to help manage it are growing in popularity. If your parent or grandparent is interested in automating their wellness goals with help from technology – whether it’s with an app on their smartphone or a virtual assistance device for home – then they’ll love the automation tool we make available. This is more than a medical alert or personal emergency response system. It performs all the functions of those systems and more.

This is a system that can help your older loved one live more confidently without forcing them to sacrifice independence. It’s smart technology that can automate wellness for seniors, helping them live their best lives while providing peace of mind to their families. Here are some of the things it can do.

Notify You When Events Happen

An event, in this case, is something that compromises the wellness your loved one – whether it’s sustaining a fall, leaving a door cracked open by mistake, or forgetting to take their medication. With smart technology for senior wellness, you can get a text alert that Mom or Dad has had this event. That way, you can intervene with a phone call or visit to help them get their day back on track.

Notify You of Changing Activity

One of the greatest things smart security technology can do is memorize the homeowner’s behavior patterns: from when they leave the house, to when they go to bed, to when they’re in the kitchen the most. With a senior wellness system, you can get a notification when your loved one hasn’t gotten out of bed, entered the kitchen or been away from the house for a prolonged period of time. While a change in activity doesn’t always mean something is wrong, you still need to know if it happens.

Call for Help in an Emergency

Of course, some wellness events call for the features of a traditional medical alert system. If there’s an intrusion, fire or medical event at your loved one’s home, a senior wellness system will call for help the same way a traditional personal emergency response system will. Of course, you’ll also be notified.

These are all important services, but senior wellness systems can do even more. Your loved one can even control indoor lights with voice commands, or control the thermostat with their smartphone. These may seem like little things, but they make independent living easier for your parent or grandparent – and of course, they can give you incredible peace of mind.

To learn more about smart technology for senior wellness, Altoona families can contact Park Security Systems. We look forward to showing you how it works.

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