How Vacation Fits With Home Security

How vacation fits with home security

With summer travel happening again, it’s time to review the home security measures that can be taken to protect your property while you’re away. Whether you’re headed for a tropical paradise, a forest fantasy or an urban escape, your vacation can fit with your home security goals. Here’s how you can do your part. 

1. Keep your plans under wraps. 

In the age of oversharing, the idea of telling everyone you know when and where you’re going is enticing. But by sharing your plans on social media ahead of time, you’re providing criminals the time they need to make some plans of their own — plans to target your home for burglary. Think that setting your account to private keeps you safe? Not if someone in your “friends” has criminal intentions. By keeping your vacation plans off social media, you’re giving home security the priority it deserves. 

2. Stay connected to your home. 

Your vacation should be a time to disconnect from the stresses of your routine, but that doesn’t mean disconnecting from your home altogether. The good news is, it’s easy to have a window to your home 24/7 with your home security mobile app. Access it from your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch anytime to see what your cameras are seeing. If there’s a potential intrusion, an alert will be sent to your device; swipe on it to see what’s happening in real time, and be sure to answer when the central station calls. Vacation and home security can work together when you stay connected to your home. 

3. Protect your property from flooding. 

Ask any homeowner who’s experienced it: Returning from vacation to a flooded home is like a waking nightmare. That’s why flood detection can be a powerful ally for home security protection. Ask us about flood detection that alerts you if water is rising on the floor (whether it’s because of a pipe leak, summer storm or another water event).

Flood detection is the key to keeping a little water from becoming a big disaster while you’re away.     

For some homeowners, this may be the first summer vacation in two years or more. By making sure your home is protected, you can enjoy your time away to its fullest. To discuss protecting your Pennsylvania property with vacation-friendly home security, call Park Security this summer. 

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