Home Security for Pennsylvania Families this School Year

Many of our kids go back to school in August, and it’s time to make sure everything is squared away at home before they start. One of the most important boxes to check off is enhancing security for after school. Whether the kids are walking home or getting off the bus, staying home independently is a big step that requires the best home security has to offer Pennsylvania families like yours. Here’s how we can help at Park Security. 

Keyless Entry Smart Locks

We don’t hear the term “latchkey kids” very often these days, but the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry reports that 40% of kids are home alone at least part of the time. To give them the most secure entry possible, consider a keyless entry smart lock that we can expertly install on your home’s front door. The benefits of this are tremendous; for one, kids won’t need to carry around a key, which can easily be lost or stolen. 

Another advantage is that the alarm won’t be triggered when the keyless entry is integrated with your intrusion detection. Kids can have their own easy-to-memorize codes to open the lock, and you can change the codes at any time. 

Doorbell Cameras with Two-Way Audio 

The number of homeowners who have doorbell cameras installed increases every year. If your family is not among them, 2022 is the year to change that. These small home security devices have already proven to be powerful protection against porch theft. Now, with a new school year starting, you can also use them to monitor traffic in and out of the home. 

As the homeowner, you’ll get a notification every time someone is at the front door; they don’t have to ring the doorbell in order for you to receive an alert. That means you can keep track of the kids coming home every day, and know right away whether they’ve invited any visitors. Most importantly, you’ll be able to see if someone who may not be safe is at the door. You can intervene immediately by using the two-way audio feature — whether that means telling them to leave, telling them you’re inside with the kids and can’t come to the door, or telling them you’re calling the police. 

Parental Peace of Mind 

By adding these extras to your home security regimen, you can help protect your kids this school year and get more peace of mind as a parent. Now, after school independence can be a more exciting step for the whole family. To discuss adding a smart lock or doorbell camera to your home security so your Pennsylvania family can start the school year off right, call Park Security Systems. We’ll be happy to help. 

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