How Security Cameras Guard Pennsylvania Businesses from Slip and Fall Fraud

How Security Cameras Guard Pennsylvania Businesses from Slip and Fall Fraud

Slip and fall lawsuits have been around for a long time — but unfortunately, there was a sharp increase in fraudulent slip and fall claims being filed during Covid (according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which reports that more than 2,000 slip and fall cases filed per year are deemed “questionable”). This highlights a deeper need for establishments to have quality security cameras, which can help protect Pennsylvania businesses from slip and fall fraud cases. Here are the hard facts. 


Slip and Fall Fraud Needs More than a Wet Floor  

Although slip and fall scams are not new, gone are the days when the scams are limited to a scammer filing a claim after intentionally falling on a slick or wet floor. Often, modern day scammers know that as long as there’s a “caution” or “wet floor” sign present in a business, they’re in a losing position — as in this slip and fall case, where the hotel being sued won a judgment because signs on the floor showed the defendant took “reasonable care” to protect its guests from slipping and falling. 

Slip and Fall Fraud is Getting More Elaborate

Because of this, the perpetrators who carry out slip and fall fraud are getting more elaborate with their scams. They may employ a tactic like scattering grapes on a supermarket floor, or pouring just enough laundry soap underfoot to concoct a scenario that makes the store look negligent. In seconds, a scammer can cover the floor with these items before “falling” on them in order to claim an injury.

Scammers may work solo or in teams, with one person acting as a lookout and going to the manager to report the “injury” of their partner. 

Slip and Fall Fraud Schemes are No Match for Cameras 

The good news for businesses is that today’s slip and fall fraud schemes are no match for the watchful eye of security cameras. With intelligent, motion-triggered cameras in place, slip and fall fraud claims can fall apart instantly. When there’s clear footage that shows a slip and fall scammer putting items on the floor and staging a fall, a business is more likely to defeat that scammer in court. That was the case in this fake slip and fall scam against a major grocery store chain in 2021. 

To be on guard against slip and fall fraud, Pennsylvania businesses can request security camera installation from Park Security. We have helped countless businesses throughout the state protect themselves from fraudulent claims. 

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