Wrapping Up Pennsylvania Wildfire Season 2022

Pennsylvania wildfire season is still underway, with the dry fall months making parts of the state especially susceptible to ignition and spreading. Learn how to do your part for prevention as we wrap up this year’s wildfire season. 

Know Where the Wildfire Risks Are 

In 2022, it’s Pennsylvania’s rural communities that are most vulnerable to wildfire. In September, the governor’s office announced more than $760,000 in grants to help rural areas increase their wildfire protection. The funds will be used to train firefighters and purchase firefighting equipment in rural areas and communities with fewer than 10,000 residents. Recipients of this grant money include the Halifax Fire Department and the Dauphin Middle Paxton Fire Company. In the past year, Dauphin County has experienced several devastating fires that destroyed homes and endangered lives.

Know How to Burn Responsibly 

Unfortunately, 99% of all Pennsylvania wildfires are human-caused. One of the most common actions leading to a human-caused wildfire is burning debris such as trash or yard waste. While it may seem like an environmentally sound practice, burning debris is actually a dangerous practice. A single backyard burn can quickly spread through dry fall leaves and grass. The fire could spread into the woods, causing a full-blown wildfire — or it could spread toward your home, endangering your entire property and the people you care about. 

You can prevent this by avoiding debris burning altogether, or exercising the utmost caution if you absolutely must burn debris.

Additionally, many townships have seasonal burn bans and enforced local ordinances on debris burning. Check with your local jurisdiction to find out. 

Know the Other Causes of Pennsylvania Wildfires 

Burning debris is not the only cause of wildfires in Pennsylvania. By knowing the other common causes, you can be cautious around these potential culprits:

  • Mechanical equipment 
  • Electrical power lines
  • Campfires and bonfires 

As Pennsylvania wildfire season wraps up, we can all work together to keep the risks to a minimum. To discuss fire protection for home and commercial fire alarm systems, call Park Security today. 

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