Accomplishing More with Access Control Integrations

Accomplishing More with Access Control Integrations

An access control system is quickly becoming the new standard for securing buildings of all types. It’s also a great way to manage employees, including temporary staff, and vendors who need access on a scheduled or one-time basis. 

But there are even more things business owners and building managers can accomplish with access control, including controlling access by the public. The key is choosing the right integrations. If you’d like to manage public access to your restricted building, here is what we recommend. 

Integrating Intercoms with Access Control 

When access control is in a building where public access must be limited, it can be helpful to have an intercom integration. With an intercom, your receptionist, security staff or other employee with administrative privileges can speak to any member of the public who may be attempting to access the building outside. If the person is approved to enter, your employee can then remotely unlock the door using their administrative privileges to the access control system. 

Integrating Intercoms with Video Surveillance  

Another way to professionally manage public entrance in the building is by integrating video surveillance with the access control system. When the access control and cameras are working together, an employee who has administrative privileges can view live video of the person at the door to verify their identity. If the person is an authorized visitor, the employee can let them in remotely.

If the person is unknown to the organization, the employee can use the intercom to inquire about the reason for the visit. 

There is so much that can be accomplished with access control. If your building is restricted from members of the public, then integrating additional technologies can help you accomplish even more. To ask about an access control system with intercom and camera integrations to help keep your building secure, call Park Security Systems today.

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