Small Business: Why Upgrade to Access Control Systems?

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Now that the key to business security is actually keyless (at least in terms of building access), businesses of all sizes and scopes are exploring their options for access control systems. These keyless entry systems are no longer exclusively for businesses with high security needs; they’re for any business that wants to do away with outdated door hardware and easy-to-lose keys.

With access control, those “who has a key” worries are over. You’ll be able to log in and remove terminated employees from the database so their credentials are deactivated instantly – and, you’ll even have a record of who is coming and going, which is critical for business security and business intelligence. And with the next generation of access control, there are even more benefits. They include:

Affordable Installation

Newer access control systems are wireless, which means high installation costs are a thing of the past. The absence of complex wiring means the outdated door locking hardware with the access control reader. The communication is powered by wi-fi, which also contributes to the more manageable cost of modern access control.

Better Scalability

Again, access control is no longer only for upper echelon organizations. Today, we can deploy access control systems that range from traditional, computer-based systems to the latest in IP, browser-based technology. If access control is for public buildings, everything from intercoms to video surveillance can be integrated. These technologies can be implemented in organizations of any size. That’s what scalable access control is all about.

More Customization

The days of single option access control credentials are over. Everything from card readers and keypads to more advanced options like magnetic locks and electric strikes is now available. Even biometric access control is possible. And the data can be stored in the cloud, which means the private data of your business is never compromised.

If your enterprise is ready to take the next step in building security, we would be glad to speak with you about switching to access control. Pennsylvania businesses of all sizes, please contact Park Security for more information.

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