Smart Kitchen Safety Tips for the Best Thanksgiving Yet

Thanksgiving Safety Kitchen Tips

Thanksgiving Day is a time to see family that you don’t throughout the year and reminisce about the past. It’s also the busiest day for firefighters all across America because there are more than double the residential fires than any other day of the year. Most of those originate from cooking. Here are some smart kitchen tips to help you and your family stay safe this Thanksgiving.

Pay Attention When Cooking

It’s easy to become complacent when cooking because it’s an activity that you do every day. But sometimes we forget the simplest things, and that’s when accidents happen.

  • When cooking on the stove, it’s important to stay there to watch the food. If you need to leave the kitchen, set a timer to remember to check on the food.
  • Keep appliance electrical cords from hanging off the counter where kids can access them.
  • Stay home when you’re cooking the turkey. Never leave food cooking unattended.
  • Make sure pan and pot handles are turned inward and kept away from the edge of the stove so no one can knock them off or bump them.
  • Children should remain at least three feet away from the oven, stove, and hot liquids and food to prevent splashing liquid or steam from burning them.
  • Keep knives where kids can’t access them.
  • Keep flammable materials such as wooden utensils, towels, or oven mitts away from cooking areas.
  • Make sure that there are no trip hazards in the kitchen, such as kids, pets, toys, or bags.

Be Proactive to Prevent Fires

It also helps to be proactive with fire safety in your home. Test your smoke alarms monthly and replace the batteries every six months. Keeping the kitchen clean also helps. Dust and grease can build up and cause fires.

If you want to take safety to the next level, install a smart home security system that helps protect your home with smart smoke detectors and 24/7 monitoring. Intelligent smoke detectors alert you and a central monitoring system when they detect smoke or other indicators of a fire. The alarm center contacts fire and rescue if necessary. You’ll feel better knowing your family is protected, whether you’re sleeping or away from home.

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