Be a Security Superhero this Halloween

Be a Security Superhero this Halloween
October is Crime Prevention Month – and for Halloween 2019, it’s easier than ever for average homeowners to be crimefighting superheroes. Best of all, there’s no costume necessary. All you need is a smart home security system and a smartphone to manage it. Here are some things you can do with it to prevent crime around you.

Stay on top of everyday security risks.

Most property crimes are crimes of opportunity. A criminal might take advantage of an open garage door, front door or window. But when your system sends you an alert that these entries have been left open, the opportunity to enter is gone – and so is the criminal.
But what if someone does try to break in? If they do, your system will trigger an audible alarm and the monitoring center will respond right away. And because of the cellular connection, the system can’t be disabled even if the criminal tries. The Crash and Smash protection ensures the signal still reaches the monitoring center even if someone smashes the panel.

Create your own crime deterrent.

When criminals know a home is protected by a security system, many of them will ignore it and move on. Studies have shown they check for alarm signs – but that doesn’t mean you can get away with simply putting a sign in the yard. They also check for security cameras, so you want to have them mounted where anyone staking out the property can see them. By doing this, you are creating a powerful crime deterrent that keeps your home safe from break-ins.

Help law enforcement catch the bad guys.

Criminals have their “favorite” neighborhoods, returning to the same block over and over until they get caught. With a security system powered by smart home technology, you can make sure they get caught sooner. Catching them on your camera means you have a clip to send your local police, show your neighbors and share on social media. After that, there’s a good chance your culprits can be identified.
If you’re ready to become a neighborhood crimefighter this Halloween, contact Park Security Systems to learn more. We will be glad to discuss smart home security with you.

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