Smart Home Security Saves Your Sanity When School’s Back In

Smart Home Security Saves Your Sanity When School’s Back In

September means fall is right around the corner, and school’s back in session. Your schedule is likely hectic, and you need some backup to make sure that the kids are safe, and your home remains secure. Smart home security can provide you peace of mind and you can use home automation to automate some of those tedious tasks.

Notifications for User Codes

Most parents are still at work when the kids get home from school. You don’t have to hide a key outside or worry if your children have lost theirs. Assign a unique user code to each family member to make entering the home easier. Set up alerts for those codes so that you always know when the kids get in the house safely.

Smart Home Security Sends You Reminders

When the kids are back to school, you’re rushed in the morning, and there are endless after school activities. It’s easy to forget to arm the alarm or lock the front door. Your security system can send you alerts to remind you to set the alarm or lock the door. You can do this remotely by just touching the button that shows up with the alert. It’s fast, easy, and convenient.

Get Notified When Someone Leaves a Door or Window Open

The kids fly through the house without a care for the energy bill. It’s common to find a window or door that’s been open for hours. Your smart home alarm system lets you know that something was left open and sends you an alert. So, you can remind the kids to shut it, even if you’re at work.

A smart home thermostat sets the heating system back to save energy when the security system detects an open window or door. As soon as someone closes it, the system sets back to your chosen temperature.

Monitor the Inside of Your Home from Afar

Remote video monitoring allows you to check out what’s happening on the inside of the house when you’re gone. Two-way vocal commands and video cameras allow you to interact with the kids when they’re home alone. You can monitor your home anywhere a smart video camera is placed. Tell the kids to stop playing video games and do their chores while you’re at the office.

Smart home security and automation streamline your household tasks, making chores easy to do. They combine to make your life easier and help you keep your house secure when the kids are home alone.

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