Your Dogs vs. Home Security Systems

Everyone loves a dog – except for home burglars, of course. If a criminal is given a choice between burglarizing a home with dogs or a home without them, he will often choose the dog-free house. So, do dog owners have nothing to worry about when it comes to home security? Not necessarily – because after all….

Your dogs don’t always alert you to trouble.

Dogs have amazing senses of hearing, smell and touch, not to mention intuition. Regardless, their senses are not equivalent to that of humans. They have a great ability to sense the presence of danger – and yet, some dogs have the ability to misjudge the presence of danger as well. For those dogs, everyone from the delivery driver at the door to the stray cat in the driveway is worth barking at. How reliably does your dog sense the presence of real risks approaching your home?

By contrast, a smart home security system does a better job of consistently identifying real criminals attempting intrusion. The system will automatically communicate with the monitoring center so that help can be sent to your home right away.

Your dogs don’t always keep out intruders.

If a criminal spots a security camera above your door or in your doorbell, he is far more likely to  move along than if no camera is visible. If you don’t have camera protection, a brazen burglar is likely to follow through and attempt the break-in – but hopefully, you still have a security system installed so that the audible alarm will sound and the monitoring center will be alerted.

How does this relate to the family dog? The bottom line is this: Your pet may bark at the intruder, but it can’t replace the sound of a security system or the powerful connection that the system has to the monitoring center.

Your dogs aren’t tamper-resistant.

What does that mean? It’s very easy for a criminal to tamper with the dog living at the home being targeted. Throw a piece of meat his way, and that clears the way for the burglar to break in. But unlike your pup, your security system has a built-in Crash and Smash feature that will alert our monitoring center if an intruder attempts to break the panel. It’s tamper-proof technology that your pet, no matter how you love him, just can’t match.

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