Smart Home Technology for Better Security After School

home security for after school

As adults, many of us love the expression, “Kids these days…” But let’s be honest: Kids these days aren’t much different than kids of any other generation. They want independence and privacy, but they also want to know that Mom and Dad have their back and are cheering them on. Meanwhile, parents are different than the previous generation, with more concern about their kids’ well-being than any other time in history. Where does home security factor in? For one thing, a smart home security system can help the entire family get what they need. Such as…

Privacy for Kids + Keyless Entry

Remember when we called kids that stayed home alone after school “latchkey kids”? Now, that doesn’t have to be the case. That’s because smart home security technology provides a keyless entry system into the home. This eradicates the worry of kids losing their keys (and let’s face it, they all lose their keys from time to time). Instead, they can use an easy-to-memorize code at the doorway keypad and enter the home right away, with no worries about the alarm being triggered. This helps tweens and teens save face and gives them the privacy they hope to earn at a critical stage in life.

Peace of Mind for Parents

At the same time, Mom and Dad still want to know what’s happening in the house when they aren’t able to be there. Smart home security technology helps with that too, with features that include:

  • Doorbell cameras that alert parents when the kids get home every day, and provide live video of them walking in so parents can have peace of mind
  • Motion detectors that can be placed in prohibited spots of the home, so parents will receive an alert if a child gets too close to any of those locations (the liquor cabinet, gun safe, tool shed, etc.)
  • Immediate notifications to parents if the alarm is triggered for any reason. False alarms are greatly reduced by keyless entry, so parents will know that an alarm signal is more likely to be serious if it happens.

With all these components working in concert, parents can have a quiet peek into the home while still providing kids the independence they crave.
When kids are experiencing afterschool independence for the first time, a smart home system can be a huge relief for conscientious parents. To learn more about upgrading to a smart home security system, contact us to request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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