Smart Home Security Can Wrangle In The Kids When They Get Crazy This Summer

Smart Home Security Can Wrangle In The Kids When They Get Crazy This Summer

Summer’s almost over, but there’s still time for the kids to get crazy this summer. They’re spending more time at home with less supervision because as much as you’d like to, you can’t take the whole summer off. Let smart home security help you keep an eye on the kids and what’s going on at home when you’re not there.

Secure the Outside

Many people don’t think of using smart security to secure the outside of their homes. Use sensors on the pool or backyard gate so that you always know when someone opens the gate. It’s also a great way to keep tabs on the dog as well.

When it’s dark outside, the sensors let you know when the children get home from playing with friends. You can also add automatic lighting in your backyard and set the system to turn the backyard lights on when the gate opens. Automatic lighting can also be programmed to come on once the sun sets, and you never have to do a thing.

Secure, but Easy Access

Parents often worry if their children got home safely from an outing, and the thought of leaving a key under the rug makes you feel insecure. Smart home security allows you to assign each kid a security code, so you always know who gets home and when. Or perhaps if they don’t come home. You can also setup alerts on your smartphone, so you’re always notified when some opens the front or back door.

Always Know Where the Kids are and Who They are With

It’s quite common for parents to worry if the kids are letting friends that you haven’t authorized in the house. Video cameras let you know exactly who’s in the house and where they are.

You can access the live feed from your phone and even receive alerts and smart clips as well. Smart clips are triggered by activity like someone opening the back door. The activity signals the video camera to take a smart clip and send it to your phone immediately.

Smart home security is the perfect tool to help you keep an eye on the kids and their friends. You’ll worry much less when you know when they come home and that you can check in on them any time to make sure all is well.

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