Summer Home Renovations Made Easy With Smart Security

Summer Home Renovations Made Easy With Smart Security

Security systems today can do so much more than the traditional ones of the past. They can even help with home renovations. Smart home security helps streamline the process and ease stress associated with large projects like this. Better yet, you can manage everything from your smartphone even when you’re not home.

Live Video Feed and Alerts Keep You Aware of Progress

Security cameras offer two-way voice communication, video feeds, and visual alerts, making it a breeze to convey important information and see what’s going on at home. Image sensors with a cellular connection can provide the same features if you don’t have internet service at your house yet.

Custom alerts help you keep track of contractors, so you know if they showed up on time and how long they stayed. Alerts such as “late arrival” or “no show” are sent right to your smartphone, and you can review activity history on your security dashboard online. This set-up makes it easy to validate the hours your contractors spend on projects.

Smart Locks Provide Access for Project Contractors

Gone are the days where you have to miss work to remain at home to let contractors in. Now you can hook up smart locks and a video doorbell to your security system and let in contractors with the simple push of a button on your cellphone.

Have the contractor ring your video doorbell so that you can verify their identity through live video feed. Then just tap once to let them into your house. You can also create unique four-digit access codes for contractors that need repeat access for long-term projects. Set them to auto-expire or delete them yourself and define a specific time frame that the person can get into your residence.

One-Touch Security

Unfortunately, you can’t trust everyone with the safety of your home, and unoccupied houses are common targets for burglaries. It’s quite common for thieves to steal tools and materials from construction and renovation sites. Even trusted contractors could purposely leave a window open so that they can return later.

Smart home security systems are tamper-resistant and provide proactive security with professional monitoring 24/7. You’ll be alerted quickly to suspicious activity and open windows and doors. Smart home security can even activate lighting if the outside cameras detect someone on your property.

Create and set custom scenes for locking up the house at night. Just activate the scene with one touch or vocal command and it locks up the house and sets the alarm for the night.

Intelligent home security is more like a 24/7 sentinel guarding your property and making your life that much easier. You can rest assured that your property is secure and that you’ll be alerted if something goes wrong.

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