Smart Security Technology = A Simpler Summer Break

In the month of July, most families are knee deep in summer vacation. There are pros and cons to summer break, and most of the cons have to do with the upended schedules parents deal with this time of year. Fortunately, today’s parents can turn to technology to help them cope. If your smartphone is already a personal assistant, then going one step further by linking it to your home security system can be just the thing you need to help your family get through summer a little more easily. For example, utilizing smart home security can help you do the following.

Circumvent Scheduling Issues

Summer is busy enough for a young family – and if you’re a parent who relies on coaches, tutors, lesson givers and other parents to help keep your small kids busy on long summer days, then you have to work with all of those people’s scheduling issues as well. When appointment times, practices and events with these providers get changed, you may need to find new rides, backup caregivers and other support.

To make this simpler, your smart security system can help with the keyless entry function of smart locks. Rather than giving a house key to everyone who picks up your kids, comes in the house to teach them or offers some other support while you’re at work in the summer, you can give out a temporary access code that can be activated and deactivated as needed. You can even generate an alert on your phone when the code is used, so you can be aware when these trusted adults arrive.

Managing Your Teen’s Time Out

For parents of teens, a whole new set of challenges emerges in the summer. When teenagers see the start of summer vacation as a signal that they can stay out late at night, parents need support with enforcing curfews and keeping the house secure after everyone else in the family goes to bed (after all, you still have work in the morning!).

Using the smart technology of your home security system, you can program the system to trigger an alert when kids get home at night. That way, you’ll always know exactly what time they walked in the door. You can also create alerts for the kids’ phones, including one that reminds them when curfew is approaching and it’s time to leave.

These are just a couple of key ways that upgrading your home security system to smart home technology can make your family’s life easier in the summer. For questions on this easy upgrade, contact Park Security Systems. We will be glad to help.

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