How to Fix Your Summer “Hot Room” Problem

Does your home suffer from the summer “hot room” problem – the phenomenon of one room staying hot no matter how comfortable the rest of the house is? If so, there’s a good chance that the blame lies squarely with your thermostat.

What’s wrong with your thermostat? It’s not smart enough.

On its own, the typical thermostat may do an adequate job of keeping the area where it’s mounted at a comfortable temperature. Problem is, the area where it’s mounted is usually the hallway. And in the average household, very few family members are spending more than a few seconds of their time in the hallway.

How a Smart Thermostat is Different

A smart thermostat is superior to the traditional thermostat because it cools down all the rooms in the home. Here’s how it works: Homeowners receive multiple temperature sensors that can be placed in rooms throughout the home: living room, dining room, master bedroom, kids’ bedrooms, etc. Wherever you want a temperature sensor, you can place one there – and better yet, you can decide which one is in control of the others on any given day.

Want the home office sensor to be in charge on Tuesdays? No problem. Want the kids’ bedrooms to be in charge on Sunday nights, so they can get a good night’s sleep before day camp starts? You can do it with a few taps on your home security app. If you want to set the primary sensor to be 72 degrees, then the thermostat will cool the house until that room reaches the target temperature.

Integrating with the Security System

Another way a smart thermostat differs from a traditional one: Unlike your old thermostat, a smart thermostat is designed to integrate with your home security system. All of the temperature sensors communicate with your system so that everything can be programmed to work together: the alarm, the cameras, the electronic locks…all of it.

If you still have a “hot room” in your home, then you most likely still have a traditional thermostat. Summer is the best time of year to fix this problem; contact Park Security Systems to schedule a free, informative consultation. We would love to tell you more.

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