Managing Vacation Homes with Smart Security

more serene end of summer with home security

As a provider of home security in Pennsylvania, we try to do our part to help homeowners reach their personal goals for simplicity. True, the worries of life are not limited to home security – but with your loved ones safe inside the home, it can be easier to turn your attention to your other priorities without losing your cool.

One product that can help is a smart lock. Smart locks are keyless entry systems for your home’s entry points, both doors and windows. They can be controlled by your home security app so that forgetting to lock up will be something you can easily remedy from anywhere. But if locking your doors is the priority, we recommend covering these entry points. 

Front Door

The idea that intruders only enter through an open window is a fallacy. You’d be astonished how many criminals use the most noticeable entry point in the home – the front door – to break in. But when you exchange your outdated doorknob for one with a smart lock, they will have a much harder time succeeding.

Back Door

The back door of a home has become something of a favorite for intruders. Many times, criminals know that homeowners forget to lock back doors and/or go for longer periods of time with old doorknobs. To can prove them wrong, secure the back door with a smart lock that only gives access to people who know the right number code. The codes can be changed whenever you want, and you can assign different ones to different people if desired.

Garage Door  

While the garage door should always be closed and locked, we understand that some homeowners enjoy using the garage as a game room or a fully furnished hangout space, especially in the summer or when kids get home from school. That’s great, but you don’t want bad actors to see your open garage door as a literal “open door policy.” To make sure they get the message, secure your garage door with a smart lock.

Total serenity may be difficult to achieve in our busy lives, but fortifying your home with smart locks can be a great first step. To learn more about smart locks for your front door, back door and garage door, contact Park Security. We will be glad to answer your questions!

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