Home Security That Keeps Dads in Touch

Dads are busier than ever these days, with many swapping a 9 to 5 job for swing shifts, overtime, and long commutes. Consequently, they aren’t always able to see what’s going on at home – and most of the time, moms are just as busy. The good news is, they have their mobile phones to communicate with the kids. The better news is, those phones can also be used to control the home security system and all of its features: the motion-detecting doorbell cameras, contact sensors, home security cameras, thermostats and smoke detectors. Everything the system uses to keep the home running smoothly and securely can now be controlled by Mom or Dad’s cell.

What Might Happen, and What A Smart Home Can Do…

Consider these scenarios:

  • All the kids are home alone; Mom’s out of town and Dad’s working late. There’s motion on the front porch, and Dad knows about it. He received an alert on his phone, and he quickly swipes on the link to check it out and make sure it’s someone safe.
  • No one is at the front door (yet), but the kids left it wide open while they’re home without an adult. Dad is notified about that, too – and he texts the kids to close it immediately so their safety isn’t jeopardized.
  • The kids decide to cook themselves dinner, and there’s a grease spill in the oven that’s filling the kitchen with smoke. The smart smoke alarm tells the system to alert Dad on his phone. Then, he can verify whether the fire department should get involved.
  • The kids are tucking themselves in tonight because Dad won’t be home until after midnight. When it’s time, he can check to see the status of all the doors and windows in addition to whether the security system is armed. If anything is unlocked, he locks it with his phone. He texts the kids goodnight and arms the security system all in a matter of seconds.

This is what a dad’s mobile device can do when it’s connected to the home security system. To learn more about using your phone as a device to keep dads and moms in touch, contact Park Security Systems. We look forward to showing you more details.

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