Window Sensors: Your Guard Against Home Invasion

There’s a fallacy that all home invasions involve forced entry, like a scenario where an intruder smashes a door lock, uses fancy gadgets to pick the lock or smashes a bedroom window. But the truth is, more than 500,000 home invasions do not involve forced entry. Are these all incidents where the intruder knows the homeowner? Not necessarily. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the homeowner leaving the window unlocked.

Closing the Window on Home Invasion

It’s easy to forget to lock windows, especially in the summer months when everyone leaves windows open in the evening. But unfortunately, that’s all a criminal needs in order to carry out a plan to invade the home. If you’re a forgetful homeowner, what’s the solution? A security system that send you the reminders you need.

How it Reminds You

What we’re talking about is smart home security that sends you reminders through the same smartphone app you use to control your system. You’ll receive a notification to your phone if a window is left unlocked or open, accidental or not. You can also program it for “scenes,” which are series of commands you want your system to perform: “lock doors, lock windows, arm system.” If you rely on your smartphone calendar, you’ll love this similar feature.

Smart Locks, Smart Security System

Unlike a traditional security system that contains a couple of sensors and a simple alarm, a smart security system incorporates those traditional methods with an entire network of devices in the home: multiple sensors, a monitored alarm, and smart locks for all doors and windows. The smart locks are tamper resistant and picking them is impossible, so burglary tools can’t breach them.
You can get as many sensors as you need, and they can be placed in multiple locations throughout the home. If there is an unlawful entry, the alarm will sound and you’ll get a call from the central station within seconds. When these connected locks and devices are programmed to work together, they can be a homeowner’s best guard against home invasion.

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